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Spokane Ballet Studio Presents: Teacher’s Choice

Spokane Ballet Studio Presents: Teacher’s Choice



Spokane Ballet Studio 5th Annual Recital 

The title says it all!  In this year’s recital, the experienced staff of Spokane Ballet Studio chooses their own composers.  Dancers will perform to a wide range of classical works including Delibes, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Herold, Bayer, Lyon, and Parry. We also had a little fun with our more modern music. Music by Dan Savell and Joan Jeanrenaud. As well as a piece performed to late 20th-century pop and rock music.

“I think highly of the faculty of Spokane Ballet Studio.  Our method of teaching and choreographing is based upon our combined teaching and professional performing experience. These multifaceted instructors have created a professional experience for the students and an exciting evening of dance. The students have been working hard and I’m looking forward to showcasing them in this year’s recital!”

Sara Donally


Spokane Ballet Studio




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